Jeanette Winterson at the Dublin Writer’s Festival 2012

Following on from my previous post where I mentioned one of the books I have recently read is ‘Why be Happy when you could be Normal?’ by Jeanette Winterson, I decided to post this video.

It is taken from the website of the International Literature Festival, as it is now called.   You will have to set aside an hour to watch it, but if you just want a flavour of  her book, she reads from two of the chapters, so it would give you an idea.

I find her funny, intelligent and a fantastic writer.  You can see how much the Dublin audience love her too, although she does get very frustrated with some of the long winded questions (and who can blame her?!).

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.   Click below to watch the video:


4 thoughts on “Jeanette Winterson at the Dublin Writer’s Festival 2012

  1. Justine. Have just tried to post a comment re Elizabeth is Missing but dont think it worked.. Can u let me know if you get this?! Thanks. Kim


  2. Hi Shane,
    Thanks so much for sharing your comment. I am so glad she responded in kind! I do not know her at all, but I am a fan of her work and I found the talk she gave interesting and amusing. It was great to hear her bring her own memoir to life. If you read it I hope you enjoy!


  3. I confess I have not read any Winterson, but that is more an oversight than a conscious decision.

    I do have a celeb-spotting anecdote – I was in London for a one-day work trip a couple of years back and ended up in a busy lunchtime cafe near Kings Cross (I now realise it must have been Central Saint Martins…)

    I saw someone I recognised (always a strange feeling when you’ve just touched down in a different country) and gave them a bright smile and a hello. They returned it warmly. It took a second or two for me to realise that I had just greeted Jeanette Winterson like an old friend. Thankfully she responded in kind. Otherwise it would have been awkward.


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