Winner of Free Book!

As promised, I would like to announce that the winner of the best blog comment during the last month goes to Clare Hawken, for her comment on ‘H is for Hawk.’  One of the main joys of doing this blog, is that someone may be inspired to pick up a book that they wouldn’t normally read, so for that Clare, you are a winner!

I am also giving away two books to my two most loyal followers who have supported this blog since it’s inception, and for that I thank them most humbly! So Kim and Corinne, you will also be getting a copy of the paperback version of the book next time I see you.   I know you cannot contain your excitement, but please try!!

Please scroll on down to the next blog post which is about August’s book club and the new Harper Lee release.


4 thoughts on “Winner of Free Book!

  1. Hi Justine
    Thanks so much for my prize! – I will treasure it. Following your blog has encouraged me to read even more than I normally do, and I am thoroughly enjoying your book choices!
    Like my fellow prizewinner, Corinne, I am looking forward to your reviews on The Storied Life and The Girl on the Train! Just finished the latter and can’t praise it highly enough!
    Now, to get into Harper Lee!!
    Happy reading! Xx

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    1. Thanks Kim. So glad it has you reading and enjoying doing so. I just adore choosing books for the book club, although I am always in a dilemma about which one to go for! Had a big chat to a friend yesterday about books and I have so many more recommendations, I have enough choice till 2020! It can be a bit overwhelming, so I have to go….one book at a time!


  2. I am VERY excited. Thank you Justine. What a lovely surprise. But I enjoy following the blog. your reviews are always spot on in my opinion.

    Looking forward to reading your review on A Storied Life of AJ Fikery. I enjoyed it…but had some reservations. Bring on the debate!!

    I have PLENTY to say about The Girl on the Train. What a page turner!

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    1. Good stuff. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on both of those books. And it takes a certain amount of dedication to follow a blog and not fall away, like many people do, and that is what you are being thanked for!


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