What’s on your bookshelf?

I recently tidied up one of my bookshelves, and decided to put my books into something resembling order.  When I look at the shelf now, I can actually see the books, they are not all falling over each other and hidden under piles of other books.  The fact that I still have piles of books in my spare room, with no where to put them as yet, is another matter, but for now I can enjoy this bookshelf.

Do you see anything you have read and enjoyed?  Anything you fancy reading?

Some of the books above include (from left to right) Jane Austen The Collected Works, Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader, Dickens, Somerset Maugham (x2) 3 lovely Persephone books and more.

I do have to share that this is only a tiny portion of the books I own.  There are many more!  So I am currently trying to decide between properly made shelves by a carpenter or running down to IKEA.  It’s where to put the shelves, never mind the books that is becoming an issue.  Still, it’s all worth it when you love your books.

At the end of May, I will be reviewing the next book club choice, which is The Night Watch by Sarah Waters.  I hope you will feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on anything you have read on my blog.




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